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Membership Information


Membership in the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is open to anyone who has an interest in promoting the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, maintaining a positive image of motorcycle riders and interested in group riding, regardless of race, creed, religion, or sex. Club membership reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone.


There are three (3) classes of members in the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club:


  • Full Members

  • Probationary Members

  • Associate Members


As a prospect, you will be assigned a POC (Point of Contact). This POC will keep you informed of club rides, meetings and social gatherings that you are invited to attend.

Once a probate, you will be assigned a sponsor, who will guide you through your probationary period. He or she will be responsible for ensuring that you understand our rules and regulations.

All probationary members shall serve a probationary period, which will last, until the probationary member has ridden his motorcycle a total of 2,816 miles.

The probate will be required to ride at least 750 miles with the President/Vice President/Road Caption and 2000 miles with the club. Remaining miles can be ridden with 3 or more members. If the probationary period is not successfully completed within a 9 month period, membership will be rescinded and all fees will be forfeited. Upon resignation or termination, you must turn in your Colors.

During this probationary period, a probationary member shall:

(a) Attend all general membership meetings held within 100 miles of the probationary member’s home.

(b) Contact their sponsor to inform the chapter and the President if probationary member cannot attend a meeting or ride.

(c) Not allowed to sponsor any associate or probationary member.

(d) Participate and attend any club sponsored fundraiser event held within 100 miles of the probationary member’s home.

Upon satisfactorily completing your probationary requirements and at the President’s discretion, you will be awarded Full Honors and will be presented your Center Man “Socley”.


All members must be willing to participate in club programs, activities and events and promote the history of the Buffalo Soldiers.

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